SSL – why you need it for your business website ASAP

What does it all mean anyway?

SSL – “Secure Sockets Layer” or TLS – “Transport Layer Security” are types of internet security protocols that you might hear of when talking to your web designer, but for you, the important part of these terms is secure. A secured site gets a certificate that shows you are who you say you are, and that visitors’ personal data is safe. Sites protected in this way have a green padlock in the browser address bar.

If you want to see what it looks like when a site has one of these certificates, click the green padlock right next to the web address here on HungryWolf®. It shows the connection is safe, and that private details like passwords and credit card details are protected. You should be able to see this on any site that has “https://” at the start of the web address.

Internet safety is everybody’s business

If your website deals with sensitive information like bank details or even requires visitors to enter their personal data into a form, a security certificate protects them from hackers who might try to intercept it.

Phishing attacks can also try to impersonate your site to customers via an email link to encourage people to part with their passwords or money. But browsers will warn visitors if the certificate looks dodgy or is missing.

E-commerce sites especially need this boost in consumer confidence. Internet safety is key to the savvy shopper, and besides, personal data comes under the Data Protection Act and GDPR, so you know you need it as soon as possible.

The circle of trust

Google and other search engines show preference towards sites that are secured. This makes a lot of business sense. People put their faith in these search providers to show them links that are safe, so having the certification can help boost your site in the search listings!

How do you go about getting an SSL Certificate?

Most hosting providers will offer this as a product. Your web design company will be able to offer you help getting set up. Ensure any old links to your site will be automatically redirected to the HTTPS version.

HungryWolf® offer this service as part of our web design packages – just ask us!

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