It’s not the size that matters… It’s what you do with it!

Quality over quantity – do less, but do it better

What is the bottom-line for you — a web page that has a high rank, or one that converts well? Because, believe it or not, the two are not the same thing. Getting a ton of internet traffic is not the same as getting good quality contacts or sales from genuine visitors.

Local SEO for local business

One way of testing the quality of your web traffic is to see how many of your site visitors are local to your business. If half your traffic is coming from overseas, and your business only serves the Midlands area, for example, the numbers of sales you get are likely to be low. (See our article on local business SEO for more info on this.)

Web content that is well-written and has valuable information for your site visitors is much more likely to connect you to your real customers. We can help startups and small businesses do just that!

Quality content equals more links

Links are important for increasing traffic to small business and startups’ websites. Think of your website like an island, and a link is a bridge onto that island. The more bridges, the more chances people have to get to the island!

So what makes people link to web pages? You guessed it, quality. An article that is thoroughly researched, that offers tips and insight to your reader is more likely to encourage them to link to it, or share it on social media.

Web design & management plays a role, too

Up-to-date web design helps the quality of your content shine through. Keep your website management team engaged in updating content, and ensuring your site works on mobile phones and is easy to navigate. That way you can be certain that you will capture the most website traffic.

Your website management package could include content updates as well as keeping your local SEO results monitored and relevant. Talk to HungryWolf® today and spend less of your valuable time and get high-quality content into the bargain.

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