Frequently Asked Questions

I have no idea what I'm doing online! Can you help!?

Firstly, don’t panic! You are not alone! There are lots of people and business owners just like you, who are confused and bamboozled by the crazy fast paced internet and ever changing technology. Please don’t let that put you off getting a website for your business… if you own a business – you NEED a website! We are here to help! We know what works for most small businesses, and we know what you need to do to get found online. Get in touch today and let’s get this ball rolling!

How much does a website cost?

At hungrywolf, we like to keep things simple. Treat your website as a valuable investment that is designed to give you a good return. For most scenarios, a small business website will cost from £299 initial set up and an average of £30 per month ongoing fee. G Suite for business costs £3.30 per month (paid via Google). There are no other costs involved – that’s it! (Unless you would like some?)

Why is there an ongoing monthly fee?

Your ongoing fee is for Website Management and includes everything required to keep your site up and running and working for you! This fee includes website hosting; domain name renewal; Google business suite management; local SEO; copywriting; editing and updating of content; security updates and upgrades; scheduled backups and advice and support where possible. Rest assured, you do not need get involved in anything too ‘techy’ and we promise to keep things simple!

Are there any hidden fees you haven't mentioned?

Nope. None. Not at all! Once quoted, you will receive one simple fee for the initial set up and one simple monthly fee for ongoing management. All inclusive and exceptionally simple. G Suite for business costs £3.30 per month (paid via Google). Unless, your requirements change, there are no other additional costs involved.

I already have a domain for my business, can I keep it?

Yes, this is fine! There is a simple transfer process that must be completed before we can start work with your site on our servers, but rest assured that you remain the owner at all times.

I already have hosting for my site, can I stay with my current provider?

Although your current hosting provider may be great, we do need to transfer your domain and hosting services to our servers before we can start any works. This is due to our hosting environment requirements, that in turn gives you additional security and fast loading speeds.

Can you provide email accounts?

Every website we create includes a G Suite account (formerly Google Apps for work) giving you access to professional email, online storage, shared calendars, video meetings and more. This keeps the technical side of email and syncing your devices very simple and secure! It is specifically built for business and helps you run your business on the go!

I do not have any text or images for my site, can you help?

Certainly! All websites include basic copywriting of content and 5 high quality stock images (this is usually enough, but more can be obtained for a small fee if required). Once we have learned what you currently have, what you do, where you do it and who who do it for, then we do additional online research into your market in order to deliver the best result possible. It is always nice for images or photos of your work to be included, so it’s a good idea to start building a portfolio of your best work to show off to potential clients!

Can you design my business logo?

If you are a startup or do not currently have a business logo, then we can help. We work with local and international online companies that provide Logo Design for a range of budgets. Designed to match your existing or new business colour scheme / style / website, we will ensure you get the best professional results possible.

Can you supply business cards too?

Yes. Once you have your new website, business logo and website content, then we would be happy to design a business card for your business. We also work with local and international online companies that offer design and printing services, that may be of use to you.

How do I update my website?

We’ve kept this really simple… if you would like any changes, additions, alterations to your website, or you would like to discuss any other requirements, please email your requests to info@hungrywolf.co.uk and they will be promptly dealt with. All small business websites we create are hosted and fully managed by us. You don’t have to spend time learning how to use any complicated software, learn how to code or edit DNS, or even risk making any costly mistakes when trying to update your website – we do it all for you!

I already have a website, can you update it for me?

All our websites are built from the ground up using some of the best themes and structures possible. We use WordPress within a secure custom hosting environment, therefore recommend all sites are refreshed from new. This will give us the fantastic opportunity to ensure that your site is fully up to date with current standards and will ensure the SEO is going to work for you! If you have existing content, images, menus etc then the process is really simple and your current website can be copied to your new version with no issues.

How long until my new website is online?

The time frame for completing your new website really depends on how quickly we can gather the information we need from you. In most circumstances, we suggest 6-8 weeks until completion (usually much sooner), but we aim to get your website live ASAP. We also need to take into consideration any domain name transfers and 3rd party logo design or copy-writing that may be required.

When will I see the SEO results you promise?

Firstly, we can not and do not promise first page results with any website we develop. If anyone does, then walk away… fast! We do, however, promise to do our very best with the resources we have and the information we are given. We have many years of experience of helping small business websites online, and the results speak for themselves. Yes, there have been ups and downs and Google likes to move the goal posts without warning (just to keep us on the ball), but if we work together to gather the right information, target the right market and keep a close eye on your competitors, then there is no reason why you won’t get the best results!

How do I pay for my new website?

All payments are taken through Direct Debit using a secure 3rd party provider named ‘GoCardless’. You have full control over your payments and you are covered by the Direct Debit Guarantee. We do not store any card information ourselves.

Do you only create websites for local businesses in Birmingham?

We create and manage websites for local businesses, yes. But due to the amazing nature of the internet, these businesses can be located anywhere in the UK! We can call you, email you, message you and if necessary – meet up with you (depending on location). If you own a local business, we can help you! We do not meet the majority of our clients face-to-face, that’s the glory of the internet – we can do all our business online thus passing on huge savings to you!

Do you offer eCommerce websites for selling online?

We don’t currently offer eCommerce web design for web shops or stores. We offer small business brochure web sites that are designed to get you found online!

Can you help me with Google AdWords PPC advertising?

Sure. We can help set up new campaigns or review existing accounts. Designed to compliment your website and existing SEO, using Google AdWords can help give your site a boost at any time!

Do I have to do 'Social Media'?

Nope. But it may help get you business! If you are unsure what to do or how to do it, then we can help. We can even manage your social media accounts for you!

Will I own the website?

Yes. Rest assured you will own the site and content – it’s all yours! (stock images may have 3rd party copyright) If for any reason you need to move away from our services or close your website, we will do our best to help and you will receive copies of all content for your records. All we ask, is that we can use screenshots and descriptions for our portfolio.

Am I tied into a contract?

We would like to think that you will stay with us for the lifetime of your business, but things can change, crop up, or you may decide you’ve had enough. We do ask that you give us at least 12 months in order for your website pages to settle within the search results. This way, we can monitor how well our SEO worked and continue to tweak, change and edit your content accordingly.

In the unfortunate instance you would like to move or close your account with hungrywolf, we won’t stand in your way. We will do everything possible to help you move smoothly to another provider or close your website, whilst ensuring you receive all content and materials used during the process.

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