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for Small Business, Trades and Services

Pay Monthly Website Management

With our pay monthly website plans, you’ll also enjoy hassle-free website management. That’s right… everything is done for you!

If you crave a small business website but feel lost in the woods of managing or marketing it, here’s some awesome news: you don’t need to be a design whiz or an SEO master. Just take one smart leap and get in touch with us!

Our team at HungryWolf® has been helping small businesses, trades, and services in the UK build their online presence for years. And guess what? Every pay monthly website package we offer includes regular management. So, we host it, we build it, and we manage it – all without biting a chunk out of your budget.


As your business evolves, we’ll be on standby to add text, images, security updates, backups, local SEO marketing, and even create new website pages.

We’ll help customers find your online content fast – they’ll wolf it down! – so your website continues to be a profitable asset to your business.

Built & Managed For You


Mobile Friendly

For pay monthly websites that work on mobile devices such as phones, tablets, and laptops, HungryWolf® is the alpha solution.

What's Included?

Pay Monthly Websites from only £49 per month


Need a Website?

We’ll build it. We’ll host it. We’ll manage it.