SEO Boost

for Small Business, Trades and Services

Unleash Your Business's Potential with Our SEO Boost

Are you howling at the moon for a turbo-charged online presence? Say no more!

Our tailormade local SEO marketing package is the silver bullet you’re looking for. It’s designed to help your website claw its way up the search engine rankings. We turn up the volume on this through an ‘off-site’ SEO Boost, essential for small businesses, trades, or service websites.

Let’s break it down to wolf-sized bites:

1. Google is the big bad wolf sniffing out directories and local listings to learn more about a business.

2. If your business info is listed consistently across the web, like vast territories marked by a wolf pack, you’re likely to rank higher.

3. We take charge of your local listings – everything from sprucing up existing ones to constructing new ones. In the process, we keep a sharp eye on your business reviews.

4. We track your position in the search results for key words and search terms every step of the way.

As a result, we build and maintain your online local listings as sharp and shiny as a wolf’s canines, all aimed at giving your search engine results a hefty boost and taking your business presence from pup-level to alpha status.

And the cherry on top? You’ll have access to your very own client portal for deep-dive insights and reporting. Plus, expect regular email updates from us. Get ready for some serious ranking with HungryWolf®!


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